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  • Samsung Electronics launched the Galaxy S4 on the Korean market and the global market
  • Samsung Electronics begins mass production of mobile DRAM 4GB of ultra-high speed 20 nanometer world first
  • Samsung Electronics introduced in the United States Galaxy S4
  • Samsung Bioepis entered the field of development and marketing collaboration with Merck in the United States
  • Samsung achieved record cumulative number of products smartphone Galaxy S series delivered over 0.1 billion devices worldwide


  • Samsung Electronics Samsung Academy opened in Turkey
  • Samsung ranked 9 out of 100 leading brands across the globe with the brand value of USD 32.9 billion
  • Samsung Electronics sponsored events London 2012 Paralympic Games
  • Cheil Worldwide acquired Bravo, a Chinese company
  • Cheil Worldwide acquired McKinney Communications, a company based in the United States
  • Samsung Display was established manufacturing company is the world's biggest screens
  • Vice President & Managing Director of Samsung Electronics Kwon Oh Hyun took office
  • Samsung Display, Samsung Mobile Display and S-LCD Corporation issued a resolution to merge
  • Samsung Electronics achieved record cumulative number assigned products on the global Galaxy Note 5 million devices
  • Samsung Electronics introduced eyeCan, eye tracking mouse for people with disabilities


  • Samsung Electronics to establish a community center in the village of Korean IT in Uzbekistan
  • Samsung Electronics opened the Multipurpose Community Centre Mandela
  • Samsung Electronics won the Innovation Awards at CES 2012 event with 30 products
  • Samsung Electronics was named one of the ten brands most highly valued in Africa
  • Samsung Electronics sponsored events London World Skills Competition 2011 as a Senior Sponsor
  • Cheil Worldwide won the Special Prize at the Cannes International Advertising Festival events
  • Samsung Biologics celebrated the groundbreaking of a factory in Songdo district of Incheon FEZ
  • Samsung Electronics began construction of manufacturing plants in Additional LCD Screen 7.5g Asia, China
  • Samsung established Samsung Biologics, a joint venture specializing in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products-born
  • Samsung participated in the relief operations in the earthquake zone in Japan
  • Samsung Electronics has signed a license agreement to use more IBM patents with the U.S.


  • Samsung Electronics Honored with 37 CES 2011 Innovation Awards prize
  • Samsung announced they will establish seven social enterprise in the next three years to support the less fortunate in South Korea
  • Samsung's brand value ranked 19th in the world according to the list of Best Global Brands 2010 by Interbrand
  • Samsung Electronics introduced high-speed 512GB SSD using DDR NAND new switch mode
  • Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance market participants automobile insurance China
  • Samsung announced in 2020 that it would invest 20 billion dollars in new projects such as in the field of environmentally friendly and health care
  • Samsung Corning Precision Glass Company changed its name to Samsung Corning Precision Materials
  • Samsung Electronics merged with Samsung Digital Imaging
  • Samsung C & T opened Burj Khalifa, world's tallest building
  • Samsung SDS merger with Samsung Networks


  • Samsung Electronics TV showcasing the world's thinnest (6.5mm) at CES
  • Samsung Electronics to develop 40-nanometer DRAM memory first in the world
  • Samsung Electronics Manufacture of mobile phone is the world's largest recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records
  • Sadi, the design of the Samsung case, received an iF Concept Design Award for its subscribers
  • Samsung Electronics launched Blu-ray world's thinnest
  • Samsung Electronics Announce open mobile platform, "bada"


  • Specify Yoon-Woo Lee as Vice President & Managing Director of Samsung Electronics
  • Samsung Electronics released OMNIA phones
  • Samsung Electronics' complete TV factory in Russia, Kaluga
  • Samsung Electronics became the official sponsor of the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games
  • Samsung Electronics development NANO 50 of the world's first 2Gb
  • Samsung retains No. 1 position on the mobile phone market United States
  • Samsung Electronics opens Center Global Brand PR 'Samsung D'light'
  • Samsung Electronics won the No. 1 market share position globally for TV in the 9th consecutive quarter


  • Samsung Electronics won the No. 1 market share position globally for TV in the 7th consecutive quarter
  • Samsung Electronics found on the banks of 64Gb 30nm NAND FlashTMmemory first in the world
  • BlackJack by Samsung Electronics was awarded the Best Smart Phone at CTIA in the United States.
  • Samsung Electronics achieved No.1 global market share for LCD for sixth consecutive year


  • Samsung Electronics' LCD screen developed the first true two-sided world
  • Samsung Electronics development 1G DRAM memory on the world's first 50nm
  • Samsung Electronics announced the phone has 10M pixel camera
  • Samsung Electronics launched the'' Stealth Vacuum, vacuum'' the world's lowest noise level
  • Samsung Electronics launched the Blu-Ray world first
  • Samsung Electronics developed Super-Reflective LCD Display 1.72 "


  • Samsung Electronics' LCD panels developed the largest plasticity
  • Samsung Electronics ranked 27th in the list of "One Company Is the World's Most Threshold" by Fortune magazine
  • Samsung Electronics became the official sponsor of the Chelsea football club of the English Premier League fame
  • Samsung Electronics launches phone 7 mega pixel camera first world
  • Samsung Electronics developed the world's first OLED TV 40 "
  • Samsung Electronics to develop voice recognition phone first